Dark streaks on crater

Liquid water flowing on Mars

NASA confirms that liquid water flows on today’s Mars.

In April 2015 the spanish instrument, REMS, played a main role in the discovery of the posibility of water condensing, thanks to perclorates, on the surface of a crater on Mars. Now, and thanks to Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, MRO, NASA confirms that during the summer season on Mars not only water can be condensing, it could also being flowing down the surface of Mars producing dark streaks in the ground.

Dark streaks on crater
Dark streaks on the surface of Garni Crater, on Mars

The evidence of liquid water, even with a high salinity, represents a raise in the posibilities of finding life on Mars. We are excited for what this represents for the ucoming missions to Mars, Exomars, and Mars 2020, in wich we have the honour to participate.

Find out more information on NASA’s website.