SuperCam PDR

Another step in the development of SuperCam. These days in taking place the SUPERCAM PDR meeting in Los Alamos National Laboratory. PDR stands for Preliminary Design Review, and is an important milestone in the development of every instrument. In this meeting the different teams and participants in the instrument, including this team, expose their work and advances to be reviewed and assure (quoting from wikipedia) that the preliminary design meets all system requirements with acceptable risk and within the cost and schedule constraints and establishes the basis for proceeding with detailed design. It will show that the correct design options have been selected, interfaces have been identified, and verification methods have been described.

From this meeting most of the main characteristics of supercam will be set waiting for improvements prior to the CDR (Critical Design Review). CDR, or Critical Design Review will be the last step prior to the fabrication of the different components of Supercam.

For this team, is time to put in common the design of the calibration target for SuperCam.

Just another step towards the mission launch in 2020.